Classic and simple nursery dresser in Nordic design. The dresser is well designed and very functional with many excellent details. The dresser and the nursery plate are beautifully curved on the front. The large nursery plate gives space for the child´s development and for the adult´s nursing of the child. The drawers are very spacious and perfect for storage. As the nursery plate is no longer needed it can easily be removed - then you have a beautiful and very classic dresser with a long lifetime. The Oliver Furniture nursery dresser is safety tested at the Danish Technological Institute (DS/EN 12221-1) and meets the EU standards under Reach (EU list of possible substances which are under suspicion of causing cancer) and EN-71-3 (Test on evaporation of toxics on painted/lacquered surfaces).

021316 Nursery dresser / Dimension – 94 x 72 x 104 cm /
Colour – White / Product Information - DOWNLOAD



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021011 - bord mål 85 x 46 x 50, hvid021011 - bord mål 85 x 46 x 50, hvid