The Creative Idea

The creative idea behind this kid's club is to create something unique which will bring special memories to both kids and parents. "We put a lot of effort into understanding the specificities of each hotel, taking into account the history, the environment and the philosophy of each place. Then, our interior designer creates a whole universe based on this research that will support and enhance the hotel's offer," says Marie Simoncini from My Little Room.

Each detail is carefully chosen, from strong pieces like wall decors to small ones that bring harmony and consistency to the project.

“The versatility of shelves, which can be used as storage and as a bench, make it the perfect combination of practicality, robustness and design, which is exactly what we are looking for"

Marie Simoncini, my little room

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Wood pingpong table

The special needs and challenges when decorating a hotel are always to find the right balance between design items, beautiful pieces that stand out and items that are convenient for everyday use and robust enough to resist the visit of hundreds of children throughout the year.

"We think Oliver Furniture is a beautiful addition to hotel projects because the sleek lines of your furniture fit perfectly on locations with a taste for refined pieces", Marie says.